No other game like it! Lead your team to glory and win the Premiership flag in AFL® LIVE 2 for Playstation®3 and Xbox 360®


• Lead your AFL team to glory and win the Premiership flag!
• Tackle, bump, fend-off, sheppard, spoil and take massive speccies
• Unleash mighty torpedo goals from outside 50
• Single player, competitive and co-operative multiplayer and online mode
• Edit teams and create players in the Footy Factory
• Multiple camera angles and dynamic replays
• Expert commentary by Dennis Cometti and Tom Harley
• 15-year career mode with drafting, trading, finances, tribunal, training and more
• Over 60 teams from TAC Cup, VFL, AFL, as well as various bonus teams such as the Big V, Indigenous All-Stars and teams from the International Cup
• Over 200 realistically modeled AFL star players
• Realistic stadia in day, overcast, rain, night and twilight modes
• Rich team tactics and combinations to personalise your strategy!
• Detailed control over players and on-field maneuvering
• Unlockable features; including stadia and bonus teams
• Fully motion captured animations
• Intuitive touch controls
• Full 3D


Wicked Witch Software, TRU BLU Entertainment and HES are excited to announce the new downloadable content (DLC) for the widely popular AFL Live 2, the AFL Live 2 – Season Pack 2014. Season Pack 2014 will be available for Xbox 360® on 30 June 2014 and PlayStation®3 on 9 July 2014.

The AFL Live 2 – Season Pack 2014 features AFL 2014 fixture updates including the NAB Challenge, updated 2014 player ratings, all new Guernseys and sponsors, alternative controller mapping, updated Stadia and a number of other features and improvements. In addition, the AFL Live2 Patch Update is available on both Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 today, 30 June 2014

“AFL Live 2 – 2014 Season Pack will allow fans to experience the 2014 season not only on-field, but also on their screen. We are excited to be able to offer fans a wide range of content to keep their favourite game current”, said Managing Director, Sebastian Giompaolo


• AFL 2014 fixture updates including NAB Challenge
• Updated 2014 player ratings
• 2014 AFL Club playing lists
• Updated player likeness for star players
• Updated 2014 on-field uniforms
• Alternative controller mapping
• Updated Custom Player and Team creation
• New cut-scenes
• Updated Stadia including the Simonds Stadium upgrade and the new Adelaide Oval
• Plus other features and improvements.


• UI: Career history font showing incorrect letters fixed.
• UI: Updated descriptions of set shots on goal.
• Gameplay: Career mode: Trading difficulty tweaked.
• Gameplay: Increased maximum distance and launch angle of set shots.
• Gameplay: Auto Interchange now swaps plays on a higher fatigue threshold (Interchange is smarter about who to swap).
• Gameplay: Adjustments to interchanges so that they will no longer occur in the dying seconds of a quarter.
• Gameplay: Play on’s are faster to perform.
• Gameplay: New feature: Intercepting a handball can cause a fumble.
• Gameplay: Improved Zoning/Flooding tactics.
• Gameplay: Throw-in contest: Can no longer bump AI out of throw-in contest.
• Gameplay: Marking contest animation: More variety.
• Gameplay: AI no longer attempts to spoil goals if they have no chance of success.
• Gameplay: Holding sprint button no longer decreases stamina while not moving.
• Gameplay: Kick duration now scales by difficulty.
• Statistics: Spoils not counted as hitouts; kick outs no longer counted as disposals.
• Audio: Goal/Behind whistle audio has been removed. Other sound volumes tweaked.
• Audio: Club songs now play after any online matches.
• Audio: General commentary corrections and refinements.